Good in the hood

A multicultural music, food and arts festival in Northeast Portland.

Setting the scene

Good in the Hood is a festival that brings together families and artists around Northeast Portland. The posters represent the magnitude of the festival but also display the individual narratives that take place at a large festival. 


Radio Spot:

(Intro, Jazz/ Hip-Hop Music overlay ABT 4-5 seconds)

Oooowee! Summer is in session ladies and gentlemen.

Portland summers are the world's best kept secret. From the Butte to the Bluff, our side of town is sittin' pretty this time of year.

This calls for a celebration. Whether it’s happy hour on the patio or hoops at Irving Park, sunshine encourages our community to come together.

That’s what Good N The Hood is all about. For 25 years, we’ve united Portlanders to celebrate the finer things in life- art, music, and food.

This year is going to be the best year yet. Come partake in the festivities and rediscover what makes summers in Portland so special. 

Good In the Hood, Summer at its finest.



Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Art Director: Emily D. Haugbro

Illustrator: Mary Vertulfo

Writer: Taylor Wood