#Lookupandgander Crossword 

Make #LookUpAndGander successful by retelling the story of hope, creating a vicarious experience that motivates people to be of service to others.

Idea: Use the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle as a platform to communicate the ideas from the musical Come From Away. Questions in the crossword will be about themes in the musical. The crossword puzzle will also serve as a vehicle to get people off their phone.

The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.
Five Sunday puzzles in the weeks that lead up to September 11.

Example Questions: 
1. Broadway Musical received seven Tony Nominations.
2. Town in Newfoundland that welcomed rerouted travelers during 9/11
3. A synonym for a warm reception
4. Operation by the Canadian government to handle the 6,122 passengers in Newfoundland.
5. The Prime Minister of this country attended a performance of Come from Away.
6. “Tonight we honor what was lost, but we also commemorate what we found,” is an ode to humanity in triumph of ____.


Come From Away
Yellow Ribbon

Build awareness for the crossword puzzles with posts through Instagram and Twitter

Work with Will Shortz to create the five puzzles.

Writer: Talia Berniker
Strategist: Terrence Lewis
Art Director: Emily D. Haugbro


Note: On September 11, 2001 Kevin Tuerff was on a flight from Paris to New York when his flight was rerouted to Gander, Newfoundland. Tuerff along with 6,000+ people were stranded in Gander. During this time the people of Gander showed empathy and hospitality. The Broadway musical Come From Away is based on this story.