University of Oregon presents Cinderella Waltz

Live Trailer 

The live trailer consists of 12 squares that have an icon and riddle that guide the viewer through themes in the play. 

"Building this live trailer was no fairytale, but anything for Cinderella." - Hannah Lorentzen (writer)

Building this live trailer was no fairytale, but anything for Cinderella. - Hannah Lorentzen (writer)

Identity System 

Icons serve as an identity for the themes and images in the play. The icons are used in the live trailer, posters and coasters.


Text for the Icons

If the shoe fits wear it, right? Hell no, not if that shoe is glass and the castle is like 5 miles away.

The castle lights up the city, but who will feel the darkness when the clock strikes midnight? Well, definitely not the prince because he is always in the spotlight…or so he thinks.

I’m the best looking man in the entire town. Women can’t wait to get a chance to come chill at my castle. I wonder if Rosey is coming to the ball tonight… or her sister.

Cinderella (Rosey Snow)
Destiny is a romantic concept, but there’s absolutely nothing romantic about spending a lifetime washing the cat by the well.

What pops up from this unpredictable pit is rarely water. But the Fairy Godmother doesn’t like water much, anyway.

Fairy Godmother
Who said you can’t wear fur after fifty? This stylish Fairy Godmother would never wear any regular old pants.

Where the hell is the lost and found? Father has no clue. Who said Zed was the village idiot?

Village Idiot
People think I don’t talk because I’m dumb, but really I’m just listening to all these fools who have no grasp on reality. They think that wealth and beauty are the only things that matter. C’mon people wake up and hear the music.

Music Box
Does the music box have an aux cord? Let’s get this carriage poppin’

Carried by mice, lizards, and iguanas…which is just… twisted. Not as twisted and deranged as when mother goes crazy with an axe.

Who needs all your toes anyway? A ticket only costs one big toe or three little ones. Jk jk.

In the play Troll hands out the tickets, but you can just get them from the EMU. Unless you find our good friend Troll, definitely buy one from him.




Writer: Hannah Lorentzen
Art Director: Emily Haugbro
Designer: Casey Heyl
Agency: Allen Hall Advertising