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Here's a story. 

In my second year of university, Snapchat was at it's prime. Snapchat created campus-specific stories and the University of Oregon, like most large universities, had a story. Students submitted videos in hopes of being featured. One afternoon, with very little thought or planning, I submitted a video calling myself "Chief Meteorologist Emily," and 'talked about the weather.' Sort of. And for the first time *ever* I was featured on the campus story. The next day Chief Meteorologist Emily submitted another video, and another, and another. Within three weeks I had been known as the UO 'weather girl.' Although... in my videos I very seldom talked about the weather. I was recognized in class, on the street and at parties. So I shut her down.

"hey, are you the weather girl?" 

No, pals, not anymore.

I have other stories and I love to talk on the phone, so please call me at +1 (503) 9158391

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